What is a Flatshare?

A house or flat share is the general term used to describe most shared accommodation and properties with rooms to rent.
According to dictionaries flatshare is the state of living in a flat where each occupant shares the facilities and expenses to live in a flat with other people who are not relatives.  Flat shares and House shares have become much more common practice in the larger cities of the TURKEY such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya, where the cost to buy or rent a property and associated costs such as council taxes and utility bills are very high.

Someone who is living in a house or flat share is commonly referred to as a housemate, flatmate, or sometimes roommate. Rarely, a room will be offered as a room share which means that you will be sharing the room with another person, so it is best to check when being offered a room share.

In a house or flat share you will rent a room from the landlord but share communal areas such as the kitchen and lounge with other people that live with you in the house.

Why share?

Sharing is usually cheaper than renting your own place. If you live in a 1 bed flat you still need a bathroom, kitchen and living room. Effectively by sharing you split the cost of these extra rooms. By sharing it’s often possible to live in a better property or in a better area than you could afford otherwise.

In addition to the cost factor sharing can also be a great way to live. The social benefits of sharing can be a real advantage. Financial benefit is the most important factor, they choose to live in a flatshare for both financial and social reasons.